Hair Accessories by HOLLYWOOD – A Recognized Name in Hair Accessories

Hollywood Hair Accessories will help you – the Professional Stylist – achieve a result that will impress your customers and bring them back again and again.

Hair Stylists understand it is difficult, if not impossible, to know which hairstyle or color will emerge into the mainstream of hair trends on any given day.  Top stylist know that they must be prepared to create a new trend or build on one.  Top stylists use Hollywood Brand Hair Accessories.

Hollywood Brand Bobby Pins, Hair Pins and Rubber Bands are made in the United States and designed to help you Express Your Artistic Styles.

Bobby Pins Hair Pins Hollywood Brand

Bobby Pins  -  Hair Pins  -  Rubber Bands  -  Brushes  -  Clips  -  Shower Caps & Hair Nets

  • Selling Products Made in the United States
    Our Bobby Pins, Hair Pins and Rubber Band products are made in the USA – Appleton, WI – to be specific!
  • Providing Customer Service that Exceeds Your Expectations
    Our Customer Service Team is ready to take your order or answer your questions. Call Us at 800 537 9707 OR Complete the CONTACT FORM

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